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Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of New York City real estate knows that even the most “average” apartments in TV shows and movies are tremendously unrealistic. But just how unbelievable is it to think Carrie Bradshaw or the Friends crew could afford primo pads in the heart of the West Village?

To find out, I enlisted the expertise of Kane Manera, an in-the-know luxury property agent at New York’s Douglas Elliman Real Estate (and, incidentally, a former Guiding Light star himself), to weigh in on the real-world current value of New York City’s most famous fictional homes.

The truth hurts sometimes.




$2.3 million
85 Grand Street, SoHo
The building: According to Streeteasy, this building was one of the first co-op loft conversions in the neighborhood. The residential lofts are mostly all full-floor units that were originally sold as raw space.


The apartment: “The property that every kid wants when they grow up is still pretty cool—13 foot-high ceilings which are perfect for trampolines and original SoHo cast iron features. The fourth floor, one bedroom, 1.5 bathroom sold earlier this year for $2.3 million.”



Gossip Girl (The Waldorf Penthouse)

$35 million
1136 5th Avenue, Upper East Side
The building: “There are 43 units in the building. If we assume Blair has the Park-facing Penthouse, we know it’s worth $35 million. It just sold for that amount.”


The apartment: According to Curbed NY, the duplex penthouse at that address that recently sold features four bedrooms, five-and-a-half bathrooms, a media room, and its own private gym.



Sex And The City (Carrie’s Apartment)

66 Perry Street, West Village
The building: “Great block, but that same New York story of compromising size for location. Here the compromise extends to the converted townhouse that Carrie calls home. I can’t imagine it’s comfortable without an elevator and wearing high heels so often, but you can’t expect much for $700 per month in one of the United States wealthiest zip codes. The façade in the show was actually at 64 Perry Street, which my team sold last year for $13.25 million. The interior needed to be gutted entirely.”


The apartment: “Great flow, huge closet and a floor plan that is well proportioned. From memory, Carrie was on a high floor, and what is rarely considered is that the ceiling heights generally get lower in NYC townhouses, so one can assume that if Carrie is comfortable living there, she is short. NYC studios (bedroom and living room combined) are generally between 400 and 700 square feet. This looks to be on the larger side.”



The Cosby Show

$11 million
Brooklyn Heights
The building: “10 St. Luke’s Place in the West Village is actually the façade that was used for The Cosby Show. That property was recently sold for just south of $11 million. The row of townhouses on that block actually had some entertainment industry pedigree, with Robert De Niro previously owning and living in 14 St. Luke’s, and Arthur Laurents (who wrote West Side Story), living on 9 St. Luke’s.”


The apartment: “Beautiful architecture and over 5,000 square feet of space. Over 12 foot-high ceilings on the parlor floor, 22-feet-wide (20 is considered wide in NYC), multiple fireplaces, substantial garden in the rear and unobstructed views and light to the south: a real gem. Dr. Cosby had a great broker and eye for real estate.”




$2 million; $2.5 million
90 Bedford Street, West Village
The building: “The location is prime and pre-war architecture is always coveted, but your building is over Little Owl. Great food, but typically property owners in NYC don’t like the thought of having a restaurant in their ground floor space. It probably cuts monthly costs down in the building, but loud patrons, late operating hours, and the vermin associated will make it a tough sell. A few violations for no heat that are still open… I could see Joey getting cozy with Monica and Chandler to start a new story line.”


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